Lookup possible?

If you want to have a button with a link, cant you use a lookup for that link?
I ask because I see all fields but the Lookup fields.

Is the relation ‘multiple’?

What I do is: I look up a link in another sheet. I see that in the database. But when I want to add a button with a link to the looked up link, but It doesnt show. Doesnt seem to matter if the relation is single or multiple.

Weird, three columns had disappeared in the Database

It works for me as long as the multiple checkbox in the relation is unchecked. I was able to assign a lookup column to a button as a link.Are you saying that your lookup columns disappeared?

Are you saying that your lookup columns disappeared from the data tab?

For me too. Only when it’s not multiple.

Yeah. I made 3 Lookup columns. I was looking for them in my component. Couldnt find them. After a longtime I looked in the data editor. All 3 Lookup columns had disappeared.

Same problem here :point_up:t3:

Always when I create a lookup column, it just disappears

Seriously? Know issue @Mark ? Or do we do something wrong?

I’ve already observe that in others columns we create on Data, happens the same thing. But it’s not every time


Could you make a video showing the issue and share the app that happens with, please?

I will do next time. Though it’s hard to film. One moment there are Lookup columns, then they are gone :wink: