Looked up Fields Not Available to Display

Hello, I have created a relationship column and then pulled some fields to the sheet from other via such just created relationship using look-up field crating new columns.

However such fields do not seem to be available for displaying either at the tab-list level or the details level. What I could be doing wrong?
Thanks !!

Is your relation a single or a multi-relation?

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That’s kind of weird, it is multiple, which makes no sense as one record should match only one project number, but when I set it up for single does not pull anything into the column, it does not make logical sense as if multiple pulls one, single should pull the same. Right? Thanks !!

I made a quick video showing the problem I have, thanks again for your kind help!!

It should be a single relation, but after you switch it to single, try to recreate your lookup column.

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Thanks Jeff, recreated the relationship as single, and lookups and it worked fine, thanks again!!!

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Good to hear. I don’t know why, but it seems like, on rare occasions, switching a relation between multiple and single will cause issues with a Lookup column. I don’t know why, but recreating everything usually works.

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