Added Lookup columns not appearing in Action Text component drop down

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I am having a problem with added lookup columns not appearing as options when adding new Action Text components to a layout. Refer to the following screen shot:

The User Relation column in the above is a relation to my Users sheet, keyed by Real Name = Users.Name. The Image, Nickname and Location columns are Lookups based on this relation. As can be seen, the relation and lookups appear to be correct, as all 3 are populated with data from my users sheet.

With the above in place, my expectation is that I would now be able to use these columns in a layout associated with this table. However, when I attempt to add any of these to an Action Text component, none of them are presented as options.

Interestingly, all 3 do appear as options for the Image in a Title component.
Am I missing something fundamental here? Can lookup columns only be used for images?


Looks like your relation is set to multiple matches, it should be single for it to work.

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That was it, thanks!

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