Vlookup column not available for display

Hello guys !

I have to tables, 1 for users and 1 for posts. I got 1 relation between users and post.
I am trying to do a lookup to get the avatar of the author through the relation. It works well in the data i get the right avatar next to each post :

But when i am trying to display it in the caption of a card, the column does not appear :

Is that normal ? How could i achieve the same goal ?

Thank you

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@Zeby are you using profiles? https://docs.glideapps.com/all/reference/values/user-profile-columns

Is it not available under users


Yes, I am using profile. It does not work with profiles ?

@Zeby have you checked under user


Did you use a multiple relation for the relation of the lookup?

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Yes, there is not my lookup column … :frowning:

I tried both, none of them worked…

Do you mind sharing it with us? It might just be something overlooked.

After switching from a multiple relation to a single relation, I would recreate the Lookup column. I think it sometimes still acts like it’s part of a multiple relation and won’t show up as an option to be used for a single value setting.


Indeed it worked, i don’t understand why though

Thank you very much all of you for your support