Data not showing up in component

I am buildng a CRM and I can’t get a column from my database to show up.

This seems to happen at random and I’m not clear why.

I want my Subtitle to be the content from my database. The column that it’s pulling from is the name of a business. The name is a Lookup from a relation. Everything is showing up fine int eh database itself.

Yet, the option to make the data from that column is not something I can choose in the dropdown as shown in the picture.

I have re-synced my Airtable database in Glide and I see it all fine in the Glide Data tab. So, it looks good there too.

Nothing but default visibility has been setup in the Options of the component. So that shouldn’t be an issue either.

In working with the Glide chatbot, I’ve gone through all of its recommendations I’m still stumped.

Could we see the configuration of your lookup? If it’s returning an array that would explain what you’re seeing. It either needs to be a lookup via a single relation or a single value column to work in a component like that.

@Eric_Penn it does appear to be because it was an array. I didn’t enter it in that way, but when my users were testing with dummy data, they were assigning a person to multiple companies.

So that solved it. Now my concern is preventing that from happening in actual usage.

Great stuff! Thanks!!!

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Well if the lookup is via a single relation then it will only ever return a single value. Just check that the relation is setup as SINGLE (uncheck match multiple) and in fact your lookup is using that single relation.

Is there something else you needed help with in your setup?


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