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doing a course app with meetings and attendees I got a meetings table with relations+lookups to get the email addresses of the attendees but when I want to access these fields in the meetings component they do not show up. I compared my tables to the “Company Tasks & Projects” template and I am doing pretty much the same as what the app is doing with employe-email lookup. There it works but not in my own app. Any hints?

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It’s because your relation is a multiple relation, and so your lookup returns an array. And an array cannot be used as the source of a component that expects a single value.

Assuming that you want to show all attendees, you’re probably better off replacing the lookup column with a joined list instead, and use that in a rich text component. If you want each shown on a separate line, you can replace the default comma separator with a new line.

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Lookups will only show like this when used with Single Relations. Uncheck the “multiple” checkbox in your relation and it should show up.

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Thank you both. That was the problem. The initial goal is to send an email to all course attendees so I converted the lookup to a joined list and think I can move on from here.


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