Multiple relation lookup error

Hello ,
I am trying to fetch the emails from the other table through multiple relation but lookup column is not showing any value
Please see the screenshot


Your relation is a multiple relation, so any lookup through that would return an array (although your lookup is returning empty, so I suspect it is misconfigured).

Anyway, to get a list of email addresses via that relation, you should use a Joined List column. Ensure that your Joined List is targeting the relation column.

Okay, I used joined list thank you

Here, both credits and rank are lookup from multiple relations, but why the values representation is not same, ranks are displayed like array values, I want it to be displayed like credits points

Need more information.
Please show the source data, as well as how the columns are configured.

Rank is an array, which means it’s either using a multiple relation, or the source data is also an array.