Look up issue whereas relation in place

hello team
I have 2 tables (A and B). my relation is in place between the two tables. the relation is a name.

I’ve created a look up column that would set a value from table A into table B but the output given is all the value present in that column in all the table A. just like if there were no relation in place.

I’ve done the tuto multiple time without success. I’ve watch the video. I’m doing the exact same thing : Lookup

can you help me please ?

Make sure the Lookup column in using the Relation. Not the Table.

Notice how the tutorial is showing to select the relation.


thanks a lot, you solved my issue.
just one more question: the output of the look up is en email address as you see here :

I would like to send an email with it, but the column doesn’t appear in the email action :

the format of the initial column (where the look up comes from) is e-mail.
is it possible to use the data from a look up ?

Your lookup is returning an array, which suggests that your relation is a multiple relation.
If you want to use the lookup in that way, then your relation must be a single relation.


indeed, it works ! thanks a lot !!

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