Lookup problem

I want to fetch the First name from my list All Agents Table based on the email address they have entered on the login page (Profile Table)
I have set up a relation column that links the “actual email” with “email” in the All Agents Table.
The I use a lookup column that (should) pull the individual first name from the All Agents Table.
What it does is to bring up all of the agents first names in a horizontal format.
Also, why isn the Relation column does it choose an ID column and places a photo in there too - I realise that it has to index something but it picked this column without asking is it because it is headed ID and is that the problem …?

Your lookup column isn’t using the relation that you created. It’s using the whole sheet instead. Change it to use the relation.

It doesn’t matter what a relation column picks to show you. A relation is a row or series of rows. It’s not a single column. As long as you see something in there, then you know it found matching rows.





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