Relation column in Data Editor displays matches as ROW ID rather than Name

Simple relation in a Location tab that relates all employees to their locations, returns the ROW ID when matching, rather than the names. This is making it hard to check if the relation are as intended.

The relation returns the first column of the sheet you’re trying to match your data to, it shows you that “Yeah we find something that matches your condition”.

To actually return the values you want, use a lookup on that relation.

That’s interesting. I watched the Employees App tutorial which said to use the relation. Still learning which column types work best. Thanks!

How does using the Lookup vs. the Relation affect ability to then use inline lists based on relation?

It does not affect anything. If you don’t want to actually do anything further than showing matches in an inline list then you’re good to go with those relations.

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Lookups are used along with relations to return a specific column from that relation.


Good to point out. I realized this through trial and error just now as well because you cannot add a lookup if no relation exists first.

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