Relation brings back info from wrong column

I have a relationship I created between two sheets that points to two different columns within the sheet I created the relationship in - but I get the same result for both. In the attached, you see that one relationship is pointing to a column “Payment Arrangement” and the other to a column “Next PA Payment Due Date” and yet the results come back as if both were pointing to the “Next PA Payment Due Date” column. No idea why this is happening all of a sudden and quite frustrating. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Screen Shot 2020-06-21 at 3.14.58 PM

That’s fine. The relation is just showing the first column in the data so you know a relation was found. The relation is actually pulling back the entire row. If you need a specific column from that row, then you create a lookup column against the relation.

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I have always experienced the same thing as Jeff said, the relation just returns the first column for you to know that it’s there. I don’t think that is mentioned in the documentation for Relations.

Same. Couldn’t find it explicitly mentioned after a quick search through the documentation, but the whole point of a relation is to find matching rows. It’s not feasible to list every column of every row in the relation column. It would be even more confusing. Maybe because glide now allows columns to be moved around, that maybe the column value you are seeing used to be the first column at some point. The main point is that if you are seeing something in the column, then the is indicating to you that the relation worked and found a match. You can now use the relation for lists which let you display any column value from that relation. That’s why you then use lookup columns to extract specific columns from that relation row.


Thanks, @Jeff_Hager.

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Thanks, @ThinhDinh.

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I was just going to create a post, asking the same question, but thought…let me look first, and wa-la, here it is, belated thanks.