Databuilder: bug to display relation?

Hi @Mark, one of my Relation (col. 6) is not displaying the usual suspect caracters (xy25gzd73slknf0 -like), even if the Lookup behind (col. 7) works correctly.
It’s a relation between a grade (col 5, template column) and a list of grades (1 to 5).

What’s in the first column of the related sheet…as visible in the glide data editor?

This is the column I am relating to.


nb: since the Lookup works, this (potential) bug is not an issue for me, it’s just for information

nb bis: hum … I think that you may say that it is due to the fact that the column it relates to is a formatted as “number” and not “text” … If yes, I won’t change it! (I don’t even remember to how much fields this ‘grade’ column is linked to…)

I’m not asking which column you are relating to…I’m asking what the very first column is in the sheet you are relating to.

Erratum, I think I get what you mean: the 1st column in the original sheet (the one I am relating to) is … empty…


… Still & Always learning! Thanks @Jeff_Hager

The point I’m getting at is that a relation will (or always has in past) show the value of the very first column in the sheet you are relating to. Purely as an indicator that it found a matching row. What you are showing is a unique I’d as opposed to a row id, so I’m a little confused there, but I just want to clarify that it will not necessarily show the value you are relating to. Only the first column of the related sheet.

Yes I got it with my [Edit] picture which is the one you were asking for (the ‘Row Id’ picture was not what you were asking, my mistake, I delete it)

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Is it getting the unique I’d from the next available filled column? Curious now.

Not sure of the question, but as a summary:

  • sheet1: list of standard grades (1 to 5), but with the first column of the sheet being empty (cf. above col. name “Ungroup …”)
  • sheet2: relation to this list of grades, which functionnaly works but does not display anything (my original picture and below)
    So if I understand well your question, the answer is no, it doesn’t take the next available filled column, it takes the very first one… which is empty, and this is probably the reason why the display result in my relation is
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Ahh, ok. Now I understand. I was looking at the relation in the first column of the image in your first post (which happens to have a unique ID in it). I completely missed the relation in the second to right column of that same image. Sorry about that. But yes, the relation looks empty because of the empty column value.

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I should have only put the last 2 columns in my first picture, but I wanted to show-off with my maths columns & so on now that I know how to do a + b :slight_smile:

Hehe, I can totally understand that! We all like to show and tell a little bit. :wink:

Incidentally, this picture is also because I wanted to re-use it to have my ‘rating component’ approach challenged with @Robert_Petitto regarding its ‘star wars’ approach (with its 1 space, 2 spaces etc): mine seems simpler … and it worries me a lot!!!
Good evening

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Now that the Rating component can be added to a form, I no longer do my custom rating choice component. So much simpler.

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