Error in relationships or what happened?

bug glide|690x386

and tried to make new relationships but the same thing keeps happening until yesterday everything was normal

Sorry, what is it that’s happening?

the relations give another value and I have an empty column in all the sheets

What are you expecting to see? Are the relations not functioning when using them in your app? What’s in the first column of the sheet you are relating to?

They were working but when restarting they no longer work and an empty column appears

I had backup copies and the same thing happens in all

Can you give more of an explanation? It’s not clear what the problem is.

For me it works very well.
It is just in the DATA of the editor that this has changed. It’s clearer now.

But it’s true that it’s a bit confusing, because instead of showing the linked column, visibly the editor displays the next column in the sheet.
On the other hand it’s great if you used as me that relations with RowID.

Isn’t it always showing the first column in the linked sheet?

Since the update, the editor displays in the DATA, not the linked column, but visibly the next column in the sheet.

I feel that sometimes I can not say well what I want I use google’s traductgor ​​if I am already more clear that using row id does not always show what you relate however I still have an empty column that I do not know where it comes from

Hello @Mark
I think a small correction is needed, because otherwise you have to expect a lot of messages

aunque aun tengo esas molestas columnas vacias