Relation not populating column

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When I create a new relation column, the column is not populated with the content it should.

A picture after creating a new relation.

I’ve tried many times and with many data. Never populates.

Thanks for any help.

You need to publish the app before people can look at it.

A relation does just do the relation to another sheet (or itself) but no data is pulled to the sheet. You need to do a lookup.

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In the tutorials I watched, the column is populated after a relation is created. For example:

What do the setting for your relation look like? Does the sheet you are relating to contain any data? What does the first column of that related sheet look like?

The setting is this:
Relation not populating column 2

I’m trying to relate to another column (named "Nome do Recurso) in the same sheet:
Relation not populating column 4

Based on your screenshots, your Autor column contains Eduardo and Lily. Your Nome do recurso column contain Didatil, Didatox, and Didateiro. There are no matching values between the two columns, so there is nothing for the relation to return.

If you are trying to get all resources related to the author, then you need to relate the author to the author. Not the author to the resource.

Thanks, Jeff. :slight_smile:

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