User_relation using first name, not email?

Hello Everyone.
I am trying to simply make a relation column based on email address that exists both in my restaurants sheet and user sheet. Why is it using the First name and not email, even though its set so?

Can you clarify about “using first name”? I’m not sure I get the problem in the screenshot. Thank you.

Thanks for taking a look. I attached another image. Basically, I am expecting it to use the email for the user_relation but for some reason it is using the name column


By using, do you mean the result is showing the name?



The relation can be seen as a door to open the path between the two Sheets you’re linking above. The visual presentation there shows that there’s one row or multiple rows found according to your Settings, and it would take a random column in the destination sheet to show on the screen.

The actual value you can use, let’s say for displaying, is through a lookup/single value column on top of the relation.

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