Email Column is populating in one sheet but not in other sheet

While i was testing yesterday i have realised that we have assigned default values to the number entry source column in the google sheets, you can see in the screenshot,

that all the fields are already populated and waiting for the user to login in, so the strange issue i figured out that, as soon as the email column gets populated, then all the values gets visible to the user, but there is a catch, we have created two sheets for the new user i.e. 1. User Profiles 2. New User , so we have used User Profile sheet for flagging, and controlling other features, and the New User sheet is where all the other values are stored, Now as soon as the user logs in, the email column in the user profile sheet in glide updates after 5-6 seconds .

For the email column in New User sheet, I have formed a relation and have used lookup column between the User Profiles and New User , but then also the email column is not updating. Any thoughts about, how can we approach for this issue. You can see what is happening through this video: [bandicam 2022-03-12 11-27-10-376.mp4 - Google Drive]

Issue: Even though i have formed a relation between both the sheets, and have used lookup, the also the email column is not populating in New User sheet but populating in User Profile sheet.

How to get data from one sheet to another sheet, if there are no similar column/s between both the sheet where we can form a relation?.

Can you explain why do you need 2 sheets for this?

How are you creating the relation?

Ultimately, I feel like the approach here can be improved, I’m still not sure why you have to use 2 sheets for this.