How Can i get data from other sheet without relation and lookup columns

In my glide app, there is one spreadsheet and i have created another empty glide sheet, now i want the entire email column from the spreadsheet into the newly created glide sheet. Since i have no columns or data in the new glide sheet, i want first column to be email, how can i get the entire email column without using relation & lookup.?

I could make some suggestions, but before I do could you explain more about your use case?

Specifically, what is the ultimate purpose of this new Glide Table?
Is the intention to use it as your User Profiles table, or something else?
Is this just a once-off copy/transfer of data that you need to do, or should it dynamically update with each new user?

It should dynamically update with each user type, so i can differentiate the data for new user, based on their email id.

Use Case: As you can see in the screenshot I have created a new sheet(which I will use it in future) called investment portfolio. And as per the user type i want to differentiate the investments data using email id, i want email id column to populate at the same time as the user profile does. In future I will assign some default values to other columns so as soon as the new user logs in the email col get populated and the glide can show data depending on the user email id.

Okay, so here is one suggestion.

  • Firstly, you will need to manually add rows to this table - at least as many as you have in your user profiles table.
  • Create a RowID column
  • Create a Lookup column, that targets the RowID column. This will give you an array of all RowIDs
  • Create an Array → Find Element Index column. This should look for the RowID in the array of RowIDs, and will essentially give you an incrementing row number, beginning at 0.
  • Finally, create a Single Value column. This should be targeted at the Email column in your User Profiles table, targeting the nth row from the start, where n is the Row Index (previous column)

Here is an example of how that would look:

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Wow, thanks @Darren_Murphy it works, is this is the ideal process to auto increment. in the glide.

PS. One Concern will it effect tomorrow if we scale, let suppose tomorrow we get 500 users, then that lookup column will be filled with all the row ids, will it effect in speed.?

No, that won’t have any negative impact. You just need to ensure you have enough rows in that table.

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