Row went blank now my relations are gone

We are about to launch this app and I was just finishing up with a few issues I had. The app just went blank and went it returned it messed up several columns. My rank relation column has gone and I can not pick from my relations as they dont exist anymore. Glide are not very helpful. I am stuck and so cross as everything was working. I have restarted my browser and still not change. Any idea

video link

Your Lookup columns appear to be pulling from a Multiple Relation. That means that your lookup could potentially contain an array of multiple values if the relation ever found multiple related matches. You cannot use an array in places that will only accept a single value. Your math column needs a single value for your min and max replacements. Not an array. So, your Lookup needs to return a single value instead of an array. Meaning your Relation needs to be a single relation instead of a multiple relation.


My issue Jeff if is that for 6 months what you are saying has not been an issue. The app has been working how I set it up… So this is what is frustrating.

I’m just basing off of what I see in your video. The lookup column has the oval around the value. That’s usually a good indicator that the relation column that the lookup column is using, is set up as a multiple relation. You didn’t show the relation column in your video, but I would be willing to bet that the Multiple checkbox is checked inside of that relation.

It has never been the case that you can use a lookup column value sourced from a multiple relation in something like a math column. All values in a math column have to be single values. Not arrays. I don’t know how it could have ever worked in the past with that multiple checkbox selected in the relation. If that checkbox is selected in the relation, it should be unselected. Then your lookup column will become a single value, and you will be able to use it in your math column.


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