Relations Broken

Any one having issues with relations on a Glide Sheet suddenly not working?

Here too! suddenly the lookup column doesn’t parse the column type and my conditions stopped working. I needed to grab the date from another table and create a condition “before today” but now it only shows the options “is empty / is not empty / contains / does not contain”

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@Jason_Palmer1 can you explain what “not working” means?

@Jireh_Lee those condition options seem to indicate that the relation is a multiple relation and the lookup is returned as an array. You only have a few options for conditions when working with arrays. Can you verify that the relation does not have ‘multiple’ checked, and verify that the column your lookup is returning is not an array?

Screenshots can be useful to see what’s going on.

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This is an old button with the right conditions set in place before the recent error:


This is me re-creating the button again to find the conditions missing:

I even removed the conditions from the old button to try and redefine the conditions and found that the once available time conditions are now missing. Haven’t touched any column settings since. Any ideas? Or what would you need to see from my end to figure this out?

Can you show the configuration for the Relation column? Also, can I see some of the data in the Lookup column?

Hey Jeff.
Quite simply the relation column that links to user data & other sheets, no longer works despite it working perfectly a couple of days ago.
This level of constant bugs is causing trust issues with glide as a product.

Can you confirm that the value in the JobID column has a matching RowID value somewhere in the Jobs table?

Hey Jeff… I looked into the links deeper and found that you are right about the array. It seems like I created another column when I was working on some other component in my app and I didn’t reference it for the new button so it it broke. It’s working now. Thanks

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I will check

I seem to have fixed it some how. Not entirely sure how.
Thanks for helping Jeff

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