Lookup Column Not Working Properly


I’m facing an issue where the lookup column is not reflecting the resulting values of a relation. If I open up the lookup column and select the same column again, the values start showing up. Kindly refer to the video link. The relation is pretty straight forward and it is working fine when I re-select the column. It’s just that the lookup values keep disappearing after a couple of hours and I need to re select the lookup column again to get the values to display again.



Can you upload it to loom or a video we can view without downloading?


Hope this drive link works for you. you should be able to stream without downloading.



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Are any of these columns tied to a google sheet formula?

Not sure if this is what you may be dealing with:

If it’s not showing at the start then shows up after some clicks then this looks like a bug to me.

Nope. None of the columns are tied to google sheet formula.

Do glideapps have any support where I can raise a ticket for this? I’m a paid member.

This bug is impeding a very critical functionality. Also, my app is currently live. Need a quick solution for this.

@david would really appreciate some help

You can send an email with your app support link and describe clearly what happened to support@glideapps.com.

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You can email support@glideapps.com with a Support Code