Trouble with "Relations" and "Lookup" columns

I am having trouble getting my Relations and Lookup columns to talk to each other… I think.
I am attempting to use my Relations column to assign my Glide Sheet rows to the rows of a Google Sheet containing a scorecard of a sports tournament I am running for friends (I am using emails as the identifier).
After that, I made a lookup column that is supposed to go and grab the total score for that specific player (row) and display it. But no matter what I do, the Lookup grabs the scores from the entire “total score” column in my scorecard (every player’s score).
I have a feeling I just have one setting set the wrong way or something, but can not figure it out for the life of me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (Images below, email addresses have been hidden)

Thank you all!

Is your lookup column actually using the relation, or is it using the entire table?

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Hello Chris, welcome to Glide.

  • First recommendation upon seeing your screenshot: name things, and here name your columns, this will help you.

  • Your “New column A” lookup column seems to be looking up the “Other table / Score” column. Instead, try looking up the “New column / Score” column. This “New Column” relation is above all the other tables when you are asked to select it. Make sure you select the relation and not the column itself.

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