Sheet Update/Lookup Update

I updated my Google Sheets with new columns and renamed columns.
At first, when I reloaded Glide, some columns seemed off.
I realized Glide was using the text not in the top row, but in the top filtered row of a table.
Which is OK. I adapted.
However, when I use LOOKUP on relations and even new relations into the updated sheet, only the old columns with old text are appearing. I recently created about 10 more columns, but when I try to create a LOOKUP, it is showing very old data. I’ve reloaded Glide a few times but it hasn’t made a difference.
The column names and columns for the DATA tab view are fine, but when it comes to LOOKUP relations, nothing has updated…

Please note how the columns look surrounding “Family #”

And, Happy New Year!

After a few hours of trying to force a solution, I decided to duplicate my sheet that was being related/looked up to. Recreate the relations/lookups to the new sheet. The new sheet is being read correctly. Since I use a lot of relations/ifs, it’s a long process to restart things. lol.