Relation between two columns within the same sheet

Hello everyone,
I’m new with glide, just practicing for about 1 month or so.

So i made this glide app: Parmalivery
It is basically a showcase of merchants, artisans and businesses that provide home delivery / home service in Parma, my beautiful city in Italy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Under the hood, my spreadsheet is divided in two sheets:

  • Merchants sheet: with business names, categories, addresses (about 350 records)
  • Categories sheet: with category name and the category icon associated (about 50 records)

So in “Merchant sheet” I setup:

  • a Relation column that links Merchants sheet’s categories with Categories’ category name
  • a Lookup column to get the category icon based on the Relation column

It works fine. However, beeing poor ( :sweat_smile: ), I’m using the free plan and I’m getting close to the 500 rows limit. So I’m trying to get rid of the Categories sheet to save 50 records by

  • copying the columns from Categories sheet to Merchant sheet
  • editing the Relation column to link two columns in the same sheet, the Merchant sheet.

The problem occours here: when I try to setup the Relation within the same sheet, what I obtain in the column is not the category name but the “business name” of the merchant. Screen attached.

What I’m doing wrong? Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Thank you

You aren’t doing anything wrong. Relations always show the first column from the matching rows. It’s just telling you that there is a matching row. Relations are rows. Lookups get a specific column from that matching row.


We need some TShirts made with these mantras. Add it to “Layouts are tied to sheets” and “Create a template column joining value with ‘true’”. :rofl:


Tell me about it. I need a text file of canned responses, or my own FAQ.


Thank you for the answers.

So i moved the Category name on the first column of Merchant sheet on my Google drive spreadsheet:

However it seems that this change is not “reflected” on the Data section on Glide console, the first column here is still the business name and as a result the Relation doesn’t work as I espected:

Also tried to sync Data usin “Reload sheet” button.

Thank you

If i understand what you are attempting, you have two unrelated sets of data in the same sheet. This isn’t common practice, but I understand why you are doing it. The relation is working and pulling back the ROW that contains the matching category. That matching category is in the same row as your business. You want to display a category image that relates to that business category, so all you need to do is create a lookup column that uses the relation to get the image from the category image column.

Remember, a relation is a ROW, not a COLUMN. Glide only shows the first column in the row so you know a match was found. That relation actually contains every column in the row, but only shows the first. You can move the columns around in your sheet all you want, but Glide only shows then in the order they were added.

What you are doing will work.

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You can move the columns around in your sheet all you want, but Glide only shows them in the order they were added.

So that’s why moving the Category name on the first column of Merchant sheet on my drive spreadsheet has no effect on Data panel on Glide. Thank you Jeff, wish I would know this before :laughing:. I’ll take this into account in the future.

Thanks again for help!

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Doesn’t matter. You can base your relation on any column in the row. Why do you think it has to be the first column?

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Just let us know if you are still having problems setting it up.

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