Row ID showing instead of Relation Value

I’m having issues with my data from Google Sheets not displaying properly in my app. I posted a message on Sunday but I’m creating a separate post for this issue as I don’t know if they’re related or not.

I added a Row ID to my main spreadsheet page so I can let users share a company profile page. When I go to my Categories sheet to make sure the relation is working with the Category column ( on the main data sheet ) I have selected, the Row ID shows instead of the company name even though I’ve selected the Relation option - see attached screenshot.

Any idea why this is happening ?

Hey @DeepFried_Cyber,

The relation is working well. Glide will show the first item on the row in this case the RowID. Use a Lookup in order to fetch the value/column that you need.

I hope this helps.

Thanks - I can now see the name value with a Lookup but I still can’t seem to access the other side of the Relation connection.

I have a Categories Page that lists all the companies that have specific solutions but I also have a Listings page where I need to list the individual company with all their details, part of this is the solutions ( Categories ) they have. I have a relation column on this sheet but I’m missing something else and can’t figure it out.

Ok. If I’m understanding correctly you want to fetch info from the category tab, right?

In that case you have to make a relation in your Category tab that matches the “X” value on your listing tab.

The relations have to be made on the tab where you expect to pull info from.
Ex: if I want my Category tab to show a list of products within that category, then I have to create a relation on the Category tab where “The Category” matches the “category” in my product tab.

I hope this is clear.