How can I perform a calculation with data from another sheet

How can i perform this calculation?

use relation and lookup columns to bring values from another sheets, then just math column to calculate

So this i have done. what is wrong???

Add a new ‘lookup’ column to the sheet from this :point_up_2:screenshot.

Use your relation ingredient and choose the appropriate column.

Now you should be able to use that new lookup to finish your math template.

You can see them here. But not in the calculation.

add a lookup column for this relation, to get values that you need from that sheet

I still can’t see them

Are the source columns are in number format? I see you have a blank cells there… that will format column to the text… make sure to replace blanks with zeros before

It said Fuje apple instead of Apple Fuji

If I make a lookup copy of a number, is this copy automatically also a number?

Only if whole column are numbers… you have empty rows there , that’s why is not converting to numbers, use if empty then zero column before lookup

now the are filled with numbers

I’ve cleared the lookup columns and recreated them but it still doesn’t work.

You must be missing something, even if one value in the whole column is not a number…or is empty, it will not convert to numbers… and relation must be set to single

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In your example I see several numbers in a row. In my example there is only one.
I checked all columns i tested in googlesheets with .00 and .0 all data changed.

In my sample, i have relation set to multiple, that’s why you see that… but for your case you need single relation

Uzo is there no other way to get the data on that other sheet?

I do want to thank you for all the work you’ve done, even though we’re not done yet. But I will hold on until I know the solution.

It has to work… there is no other way to do that in glide, you can copy these columns in Google sheets…
You can send me a copy of your app to look

you can copy and analyze this sample: