Using data from another tab in Google sheets


I want to use data from another tab (an address in this instance) to populate another tab containing delivery information. I am able to get the address through a relation but cant seem to find a way to enter it into the new tab. The aim is, after pressing delivered button on screen, the customers address is populated in the new tabs delivery information from the customer tab.

Any help appreciated!

If you already have a relation linking to the sheet that has the address, then all you should need is a Lookup column to pull out any specific columns from that relation.

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Thanks for the reply

Can this relation data then be used in an action text to update column values?

Yes, Lookup Columns can be used in actions or other components. You just need to make sure you know whether or not your Relation is a single relation or a multiple relation. Lookups on a single relation will be returned as a single value and can only be used with anything that accepts a single value. Lookups on a multiple relation will be returned as an array value and can only be used with anything that accepts an array. Using a lookup column as the source of an action text component won’t update anything. The Action Text component is only able to display existing data. If you are in a form, you can use the lookup value as a default value in an entry component or you can directly pass that value through the form to the form response sheet using the column value components. You also have the option to display the address on the screen, but through an action, have it written to another table. It all largely depends on what exactly you are trying to do and how you have your app set up currently.

Its a multiple relation coming from a customer list matching orders relating to that customer, using a customer identification number as a match feature. I’m using that relation for the look up, its displaying on the glide spreadsheet but i cant seem to get it to display in any of the functions.

Do you know if there are any examples of how to use a lookup in the ways you have listed?

Is there any reason why it’s a multiple relation? An order should have only one customer and that customer should only have one address, correct? If that’s the case, switch it to a single relation and the lookup column will become a single value instead of an array, which should allow you to use that value.

Just tried switching to single relation, still not showing in the list of options question fields.

Any suggestions welcome

You’ll have to show a some screenshots of what you are trying to do. I’m not sure I follow.

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I got it to work, i hadn’t switched the look up from tab to relation. Thanks for your help!

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