Is it possible to use data from one sheet to show in others sheets without re-entry

I would like to use data from one sheet. Let’s say table number from one sheet. And don’t want to re-entry in others sheet. I tried to use relation already. But it didn’t work. Please advise.

Hi @paiboolk,

Get a value from one table to another table right? You can use the Single Value column!

Thank you

I need only single data in single cell to update in other sheets. Not all records. It looks like to add table number for restaurant. I don’t want customer to re-entry.

Make sure your relation is a single relation, and then use a lookup column through that relation.

I tried it already but didn’t work. Anyway, it worked if I entered data in such table. But I don’t want to re-entry.

It works. You just need to configure it correctly. Please share a screenshot that shows how you have tried.

At first, I let customer to enter table number at the first page. It works by using relation to link data from all_table_number.
After that, I want customer to enter something in the second tab (Let’s say “note”) without to enter table number again.

Your first screen shot looks like a details screen, with a text entry component. And I’m guessing that the value that is entered there goes to your test_order table in the table column, which looks like a user specific column. Is all of that correct?

In your 3rd screen shot, it looks like you now have a form screen with another text entry component. What are you expecting to happen when the user submits the form?
Because it’s a form screen, a new row will be added (presumably to your test_orders) table. Is this your intention?

It’s still not clear to me what you’re trying to do.

1)…which looks like a user specific column. Is all of that correct? → Correct.
2) I expect the table number entered from the first screen will be added to the 3rd screen (table) after submiting.

At the first page. I created “Table” field in Glide and set up to be user-specific already. It can link data from others which has the same data field. But for the 3rd form. I just want to link the table number to record in the database.


Thank you for your kind support. It seems ok. Anyway, I will try to modify it to be mine. What happen if many users access to use this menu simultaneously.
At my first page. I used user-specific column but the entried data didn’t display in the database. It’s so amazing. But it works very well.

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Your Welcome!

They should get different results because this is a User Specific column!

You mean it writes only to the first row right? Yeah, it’s because in your details tab the first row is only connected and once you write the table no it writes in the user specific column only in that row because once the screen get to the details tab the first row of that table is connected except if you add any filters!