How to use user-data in other tables?

Hey guys,

I want to reuse the user-specific data collected through the onboarding in table user data for some calculations in the glide table options. Options will be displayed in the choice component. Selection of the user will be stored in user data

Setup so far:

  • store user-specific data income through view „onboarding" in table user data, filter e-mail is signed-in user is active in view
  • table options calculates 4 different shares (25/50/75/100) of income in one column and displays it in view „pick options" through choice component, filter e-mail is signed-in user active
  • table „user data“ stores „income share“ after user selection


  • I collect the income from user data through single value, unfortunately it collects not the user-specific value but only the one of the first entry in user data.

How can I get the user-specific income data in the options table?
Is user-specific columns a relevant option?

Thanks in advance

There is a few ways to handle this.

If you use Row Owners in your user sheet, then the single value columns would pull in the data for the correct user.

If you can’t use Row Owners, then you can instead create a template column the returns the signed in user’s email (usually from the user profile), then crate a relation using that template email to the user data sheet, then have your single value columns (or lookup columns) use that relation.

If you have user profiles properly set up and your user data sheet is also the user profile sheet, then your Math columns should be able to directly pull the income data from the user profile (user data) without having to use a relation or single values, etc. But that depends on what you want to have available.


Thanks @Jeff_Hager! I will go for recommendation No3. This works smoothly with my current implementation and data infrastructure.

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