User Specific Columns - Relationships

Hello -

I am in the process of finalizing an app containing two sheets (user profile + user data) and wondering how I can create a relation to reference a user specific field. In my second sheet, I created a “user-specific column” that allows users to edit a certain field. I want to be able to create a reference from my “user profile” sheet so that I can match the value found in the “user data sheet” to include in a tab. How can I make such reference since I don’t have a unique field to match the tables (email for example)?

Any help would be much appreciated it!


Why don’t you have email while you have the users tab? Emails should be on this tab. And your task is just add the emails to the second tab. If users add info to the second tab using a form you can use “User’s email” specific column to automatically upload user’s emails there.

Or maybe I understand something wrong? Screenshots may help

If you only have a single row in you user data sheet and you are using user specific columns, then you should be able to just use single value columns to bring data into the user profile sheet without the need for a relation.

Hi @Petr_Shemyagin - Thank you for the response. I wanted to keep the “user profile data” (email, username, picture) separate from the other data sheet. Combining the user profile data into one sheet could be an option, I’d have to test it out.

Here is what I’m trying to do in screenshots:

User Profile Sheet:

User Data Sheet: This sheet contains about 50 rows of data that are the same for all users, with the exception of user specific columns.

I want to be able to reference any of the “user specific columns” (i.e. notes, difficulty) user inputs and match it with the respective profile. Since it is a “user specific column” I am not able to see the actual data they inputted or find a way to relate it.

Sorry, maybe I am a bit slow in understanding here, but why do you need to relate them? Your users will only see their data when they will open the details page of the rows from the second sheet. So, what do you want to achieve with this relation?

I am not sure about the purpose and functionality of your app but it seems that you have some sort of fixed list of something and users leave their feedback on that. If this is true it will be more flexible and convenient to ask then to add this feedback using a form button that will upload the item’s id, user’s email and data and all the other details. So you will have one more sheet with just these feedbacks. And to this sheet you will be able to relate everything that you want. And some other advantages:

  1. You will have an access to all these feedbacks
  2. Muuuch more flexibility in terms of average ratings for example, calculations, relations and etc.
  3. Possibility to add notifications based on new rows in google sheets.
    And actually much more…

Thank you for the follow up @Petr_Shemyagin. I think using a form might be a possible solution to address my issue so that I can create several relations.

That’s exactly right, I have a fixed list where I want users to add specific + personal data (date, ranking, progress.). I want to be able to reference/relate their progress along with their profile so it can be displayed in a different tab.

Is there a way to limit users to select a value from a pick list only once through a form? For example, if I selected “item a” and filled out the form, can I prevent the user from seeing “item a” again?

Thank you so much for your help, I appreciate it!