How do i make choice to be by each user name linked

How do i make choice to be user specific when th layout is in detail view?

All users that input the data, it only goes in the first row of the sheet, The DB is set as text per user.

So here is my issue. The choice in filter is from sheet 3 (Menu Sheet). So i cant filter it to the user login from the current sheet 2 (name sheet) connecting to sheet 1 (user login)

And i cant do a relation from sheet 3 to 1/2 as there is no affiliation.

Sheet 3 is purely meant for menu options in the app.


the 2 sheets


Have you created a user specific column to hold the choice value?

Yes Sheet 1 has it. Look at sheet screenshot.

The issue here is that sheet 3 is not affiliated with names. and is meant for choices

This is sheet 3

No, I mean Glide’s user specific columns. You can’t create those in google sheets. They hold values specific to each user in one cell.

I have done that with (Guild Select Per User) am i supposed to use it with the user name of each user?

Wont i have a double of user names?

Do i need to replace my current user names with the Column is user-specific?

even with that i wont be able to connect it with this. image

That guild day per user. is from the current sheet. (not login) please don’t confuse yourself.

ok. I see that in your screenshots now.

I might need more of a description of what your trying to do. I have some ideas, but I need a better understanding of the problem you are having.

i can show you what i am trying to do in more detail with screenshots for user row1 (the only current user its working for.).

When a user clicks the day they will be able to choice the name of there attacker. based on that data (day selection). As you see in the Visibility Day 1

Only admins (approved users) will be able to edit the users attacker. (not the user itself.)

The basic users will be able to select the day and view the list based on the admin selection.

Its set perfectly. But with the issue of data not being imported on the correct liine.