Using data from a user specific to a row arranged sheet

This is a question regarding functionality in Glide. I would like to be sure if this situation is compatible and works ok.
One sheet (B) has data arranged with one column as “user specific”.
Another sheet, the main one, (A) has rows arranged as one per each user.
If I insert from sheet B a row in sheet A as “single value” everything is working ok for different users at the same time (Glide pro, public with email). The single value column in A shows data only from the user that I am viewing at that moment in all rows that arranged per user, but data are correct for all of them. Same thing is happening if I use relations. My question is if there is any problem to use such technique to transfer/use data from a “column / user specific” sheet to a “row arranged” sheet.

If I’m understanding correctly, then I believe what you are doing is fine.
One thing to be aware of is that with Glide calculated columns (relations, lookups, etc), all of these calculations take place on each users device. So whilst each user will have the same data on their device (Row Owners not withstanding), their view of the data won’t necessarily be the same. Does that help?

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Thanks Darren.
Each user chooses different individual options from a table (B) and I store their choices on A. Then I think this will be ok.