Relation Column doesn't work on array column


I have a Conference Sheet With Speaker 1 & Speaker 2(each one is an email)
I have Users with Email Column

I’m trying to get all the Conferences a user hosting.

So on Users I’m building a new Relation Column Linking Email to Conference Sheet and Speaker Array Column.

Some How it doesn’t work.
If I link to Speaker 1 or Speaker 2 works fine.
But I want to Link to Either one of them.
Maybe Because the Speaker should be a specific type? I made sure all of them is the same Email Type


You’ll need to make a relation from the Conference to the speakers. Once you click on the conference, you’ll want to stack inline lists - one for speaker 1, and one for speaker 2. You can delete the labels for both lists to make it look like one list.

Here’s a sample I quick threw together to play with:
Make a copy and look under the hood.

And here’s a pic showing where to change the inline list label.

Maybe I’m not following, but ‘Speak 1’ and ‘Speaker 2’ should have created a virtual ‘Speaker’ array column. This should be accessible for relations to use.

But i want the other way around.
From Users to bring its Conferences

Correct. I thought so too.
But now that I want to use it from Users sheets. User.Email -> Conferences.Speaker.
It doesn’t catch the Conferences

Correct. I thought so too.
But now that I want to use it from Users sheets. User.Email -> Conferences.Speaker.
It doesn’t catch the Conferences

Look at my app again - I reworked it for you.

I might need a visual, like a screenshot or video. I’m not picturing why it wouldn’t work.

After a refresh and deleting the data it worked

Do you know why?

No idea.

Today It Happened again.
It took some time for the data to update and the relation to be shown.

I Dont know what to do.
Please help.
A relation that was working, stopped.
I didn’t change any data

Like I mentioned earlier:

Anything you can provide would help…the data viewer, any settings you have for your relation columns, and anything else you can think of that would define what’s not working.

Can I send it to mail?

Cant publish like this @Jeff_Hager

Hey ,
Can you you help?please
I have a almost ready app and because of this issue i cant launch it


Could you please share your app and make a video explaining what the issue is?

What’s the issue? Sorry, I haven’t been following this thread? A relation stopped working? Is it related to this bug I noticed earlier in the week?

hey mark,

I sent a p.m with a video.
I had a working relation between a column & array column in different sheet.
With no data change i stopped working.
But if i choose a single column instead of a array column…it works fine.
The previous time i had to delete this relation and refresh and after some time it was working
now i cant do it because i have a lot depending on that relation.

hey @Robert_Petitto,
Yes , relation stopped working.
I will check the video to so if its relatable

@Robert_Petitto If you do this now, Glide should give you a warning that the change you’re making will delete other dependent columns. When did you make that video?

Okay Robert, I experience something similar when I create a lookup to a relation column which I then try to change or revert to multiple. In fact I lose all lookups created for the relation. But recently I’ve been getting glide pop ups on my screen warning me that if a relation is deleted then others related to it will be deleted. But, I don’t get one for when I’m changing from single to multiple match.