Relation column not an option for inline list

I am creating an app trying to simply show the multiple offices a staff member may go to.
I have a sheet (Physicians) with Name/Picture/Office 1/Office 2 columns.
On the data editor I have a relation column which connects Physician name to Office 1&2- now termed Office, and it appropriately contains all offices each physician frequents.
In the app, when I select the physician, it does not show only the select offices, but rather all the offices. No where in any component can I see the option to select “Office” (the relation column), but rather only Office 1 or Office 2. Why isn’t the relation column “Office” showing?

Your ‘Office’ column is an array. Not a relation. Sounds like you haven’t created a relation column. You can create a relation using the Office array and link it to all the matching office rows in the office sheet. Once you have created the relation column (Multiple), then you can select it for your inline list.


Well that makes sense. I’ve been away from Glide for awhile, and the Data editor is new (but priceless)-- still i thought that I had selected relation for that column (or maybe Glide created it automagically for me, can’t remember now). Is there a way to start over with a clean data editor slate/get rid of columns?

Thanks so much for your help, Jeff! Appreciate it

The problem is array columns have the same icon as a relation column. The only way you would have a relation is if you created the relation column yourself in the data editor or you created it the old school way in the sheet. Either way, you can just delete the relation. Based on what you are saying, you don’t have a relation at all and it’s only an array column. Those are created automagically by naming columns sequentially in the sheet. If you don’t want that combined array column, then you can just name each column something different.

Any glide column can be deleted within the data editor. Sheet columns need to be deleted in the sheet.

If you wanted a clean slate, you would probably have to create a new app that uses the same sheet.

Thanks Jeff, appreciate the assist here. I am going to start over so i can think through the relations. The old school way was difficult to master for me with infrequent use- the data editor is a godsend for that. I just need to not confuse myself? And probably do a better job naming columns as well :slight_smile:
Thx again, have a great day

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