Add multiple rows from a column typ multiple Relations

Hi ,
A Glide tutorial explains how to add multiple rows from an existing table.
But How can I do this from a column typ multiple Relations ?
In my example, the linked column contains 5 records. I want to add all linked rows in an other table.

Which tutorial, using which method?

You could do that using a Call API action, if you have a Business Plan or better.

  • Create the column values required using a JSON Object column
  • Wrap those into a mutation with a template column
  • Roll those up using either a lookup or a joined list
  • Create a JSON payload from that with a template
  • Send the payload to the Glide API with a Call API action.

The evoked ressource is here

I have a pro plan.
So I will try @ThinhDinh suggestion.


First up, why do you need to add information from rows that have existed already to a new table though?

You might have to construct either:

  • An action that passes those rows’ info to to send a batch HTTP call to the Glide API, to add all rows in the destination table.
  • Construct templates for HTTP calls’ body, then use the Call API action to do the same thing inside the app.

Both of those require paid plans. In the first case, a Pro plan. Second case, Business/Enterprise.


Solved by applying @ThinhDinh suggestion.
Thanks !

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Thanks for sharing! Be careful with screenshots of passwords/ keys. It’s a public forum after all

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Great to see!

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