Bulk update via api to glide table


We would like to know if there is a way where we can push one call multiple rows via API to glide tables like batch update in google sheet api ?

Its best used cased when we need to migrate to glide table from external sources

Yes…If using Make (Integromat) you can use an iterator module to repeat a set column / delete row call.

I’ll create a video on this functionality in the next week or so.


I am using it but the operation count is hilarious when it comes to daily operations

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That’s the way to do it right now via Glide API. Glide doesn’t even have a built in action for set column / delete row action via multiple relation yet. I’d imagine that would come first prior to there being an API call available.

We’ve been waiting 2 years for that functionality still.


@Robert_Petitto do you think this is coming this year ?

@Robert_Petitto did you manage to create and post the video mentioned above? :blush:

You can check the Mutations section here and also other sections to understand how the API works.

As long as you can construct a batch of mutations, you will be able to add multiple rows/set values to multiple rows.

The delete action through a multiple relation is supported inside Glide’s native delete action.