Glide API - Deleting All Rows and Adding New Ones


I’m trying to use the Glide API with python to essentially replace an entire table.
For now, I’ve only managed to do it by

  1. Getting all rows and extracting their row-id.
  2. Looping through each row-id and making an api call per row to delete each one iindividually.
  3. Add the new rows one at a time through separate API calls.

I’m sure there must be away to bulk delete/upload but can’t seem to figure out how.

Does anyone know. a more efficient way to do this?

I think that’s how you have to do it but you could optimize the get rows part with a query.

You can optimise these 2 steps by sending multiple mutations in a single API call. There is a hard limit of 500, but it’s recommended to send batches of no more than 100.


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