Deleting multiple rows in a certain table with Zapier

Hi Community!

I’ve been dealing with a automation for a few days now, without any luck…

I want Zapier to import data from glide, to Zapier, one day each month.
Then I want Zapier to delete all rows in a certain table in my app.

As i understand, I’ll have to use the pre-made json script, fra Glide API, to complete this task.

The problem is that the standard script provided by Glide, only allow Zapier to delete one row at a time, because it only contain one mutation.

I want to duplicate the mutation, based on the current amount of rows in the table.
Each mutation need to contain the row ID, I imported from Glide when the automation was triggered.

Can anyone help me out?
Please check attached pictures, for more info:

I don’t know if there’s an equivalent in Zapier, but here’s what I usually do in Make.

  • Pass the list of rowIDs to delete via a webhook.

  • Iterate through that list of IDs.

  • For each ID, I use a text aggregator to construct the delete “action” for it and group them together by batches of 100.

  • Use the HTTP module to make a call and delete multiples rows at once, in batches of 100.


Thanks a lot!

I’ll try that

You will have to use the loop feature from Zapier.

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