How To Delete Multiple Rows Conditional Thru Glide App?

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Kindly guide me for deletion multiple rows conditionally thru Glide App. This is for your information that I am using Glide Table. Thanks in advance.

At the moment, the only way to delete multiple rows from a Glide Table with a single action is via a custom action with multiple Delete Row actions - which isn’t very scalable.

My understanding is that the Glide API will be made available for apps on Pro Plans at sometime in the future, so that could be an option soon(ish).

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Hello, I am new to glide and this option interests me. Do you have an example to understand it better and be able to apply it? Thank you

Consider this as an alternative.

I delete rows in my restaurant app with a similar method.
I have a table for waiter calls which records certain calls to the waiter with a time stamp.

In every waiter call row, there is a column IF Else True/ False if this row is available to delete. That is if the timestamp the row created is over 3 hours (for example)

In the same row as well there is a single relation to the first available row to delete.

Every time a new row is added to the table… the first available row to delete is deleted.


I think a multi-delete action should be added as it is impossible to workaround it.
For some applications it is necessary and the workaround people is taking is like deleting one by one when some action is triggered, which is not good for user experience.

That would be ideal, but with the Glide API in action now, you can:

  • Create a relation and joined list on top of it to return a list of rows that needs to be deleted.
  • With a button, send that list to an external service like Make.
  • Use an iteration module to loop through the array created from that list.
  • Use a HTTP module to iteratively delete rows using the rowID you sent.

Ya…I’ve gotten this to work as @ThinhDinh describes above, but it’s not intuitive. Set Column and Delete Row action over a multiple relation needs to be a thing. We’ve been asking for it since 2019. @Mark :pray:


This is still one reason to use GoogleSheets: search rows in or zapier → rowIDs-> delete with GlideAPI.

To avoid GoogleSheets, I guess, we would need Glide’s API to have GET requests.

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I have been waiting for this ever since the API gets introduced… Even getting all rows like what they have with enterprise would be great, the dream is to get a single row by specifying a column name and a value, I imagine.

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Thanks. i will try that option. Seems better than anything else

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I think today It’s a mandatory. Ok it works with Make, but this feature is really required in many apps.

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Hi guys! I have an app with multi “delete row” action but now is not working, did I miss something?

I have a button triggering an action with 100 “delete row” that was working fine until now that only deletes 1 row each time I press the button.

Thanks in advance!

Can you share how your delete row custom action works? What does each delete action look like? Are you deleting through a single relation? If so, what does the relation look like?

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I will explain instead of Arturo_VM.
Previously, I could delete 3 lines in a custom action, but now only one . Something changed a month ago…

Why do you have three “this item” delete though? Shouldn’t it point to 3 different rows?

For example, this was used to transfer goods from the basket to the order table. When I deleted a line , another line took its place. I could delete it too. And so on. Now, in any case, only one row is deleted, the remaining Delete Rows are ignored. How to fix this now is unclear.

Hi Jeff,

Sorry for the delay I was on vacation.

As @Anderek said, I have a multiple “Delete Row” pointing to “this item” and since a month or so, it only deletes the first item and the rest remains the same.

How could I now delete all the rows in a table with one action?

I still think this is the best way of doing it.

If you point multiple delete row actions and rely on the “current row” to be updated after every delete row action is completed, then it might not be completed in time for the next action to kick in. The action will likely retrieve the old, deleted row, hence nothing happened for the next ones.


@ThinhDinh thank you very much for the solution.

By the way, do you know if the starter plan is enough for that action with de API requirements? I mean, the pricing plans say that starter plan have access to 'Glide basic API API, but with PRO TEAM you have ‘Glide advanced API’

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