How To Delete Multiple Rows Conditional Thru Glide App?

Hi Members,

Kindly guide me for deletion multiple rows conditionally thru Glide App. This is for your information that I am using Glide Table. Thanks in advance.

At the moment, the only way to delete multiple rows from a Glide Table with a single action is via a custom action with multiple Delete Row actions - which isn’t very scalable.

My understanding is that the Glide API will be made available for apps on Pro Plans at sometime in the future, so that could be an option soon(ish).

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Hello, I am new to glide and this option interests me. Do you have an example to understand it better and be able to apply it? Thank you

Consider this as an alternative.

I delete rows in my restaurant app with a similar method.
I have a table for waiter calls which records certain calls to the waiter with a time stamp.

In every waiter call row, there is a column IF Else True/ False if this row is available to delete. That is if the timestamp the row created is over 3 hours (for example)

In the same row as well there is a single relation to the first available row to delete.

Every time a new row is added to the table… the first available row to delete is deleted.