Multi row deletion and For loop


I turn to our experts.

I haven’t looked at the documentation for a long time… Glide still can’t delete rows groups? Is it possible in principle or never to wait due to the peculiarities of the Glide?

Well, at the same time I will ask about the prospect of the appearance of cycles in Actions. Is it possible?

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For a long time, requests have been made to implement these features. It would change the way of developing with Glide a lot; currently we can do these things with apps scripts from the excel sheet, but it is not a nocode way of course and the response times are what they are. Another alternative is to use integration services, such as zapier or integromat, I personally do without them also in order not to burden too much on the costs of third-party services.
We hope there will soon be news in this sense, and as you said, if we could at least know if this type of implementation will be foreseen in the future it would already be a great thing to give us an orientation.


If your app is Pro or Enterprise, it’s possible to delete multiple rows via the Glide API.
Although it still requires an automation tool such as Zapier or Integromat, or Apps Script.


Thanks for your reply.

You have confirmed that this is currently not possible with Glide.
The second part of my question is: should the described features be expected in the future?
Perhaps Glide is built in such a way that its algorithms do not allow adding the described functionality?

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Thanks! I will definitely use this script in the near future.
It remains only to understand how to add the desired trigger to many rows using Glide ))))

I can’t really answer either of those questions.
It depends on whether Glide consider it something that fits within their overall strategy, and what sort of priority it would be given if it does.

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