Action > Delete/Remove Row

Any word on this action?

I am using Glide Sheets for an app that sees ~700-1000 rows added daily with actions that clear each column after a row has been “served”. Should I expect any issues from all the rows being cleared but not deleted? I can’t count them but it looks to be around 100,000 rows at the moment.

I would like to have a delete/remove action so that this queue stays clean and light.


Following! I would appreciate this too. Ideally all rows defined by a list. Delete or clear.


So you are using the native delete option in the pencil button, the row has been cleared but not deleted?

My app is a virtual waiting line. Users add themselves. Admins serve them then “remove” them from the queue by clicking them off the list (I’m using a set columns action to clear all row data).

With 700-1000 users per day, the rows are adding up fast. They need to be deleted but selecting one at a time is ridiculous. Is there a scary unknown reason this action doesn’t exist yet?

Yeah I understand that’s a tedious process. Would be nice to have an option to remove all rows, or at least multiple rows at a time.


or an action that removes an entire row :wink:


Agree. As I understand with Google Sheets API Glide can only clear the row, not remove it but I’m not sure the same thing is applied to Glide Sheets. I would expect there’s a way to completely remove a row with Glide Sheets since it’s Glide’s own backend.

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Exactly. Glide should have a way to remove their own rows.


Run a script every night at the same time that does this for you. That’s the easiest way to resolve the issue and its like 4 lines of code. I would switch to google sheets and go that route. using relations you wont see a delay in the data if done correctly.

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I’m using Glide Sheets.

I understand, but your asking for the same feature we’ve been asking for for over a year. The only solution we have is the one provided above. I’m sorry man, until they add that feature this is your best bet.

I’m in no hurry :slight_smile:

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I do not understand why you are against the alternative solutions available. You could finish your app and push it out to your users in a couple of days if not in a couple of hours. Why wait?

Many of us don’t like adding scripts since it requires permissions to run from app owners… for example when you give a copy of your app to other people along with a new Google sheet.

It seems strange that such a popular request cannot be added to Glide by the developers.

Remember the hook for Glide is no coding required.


Agree, would be great to delete a row rather than clear the content and leave a blank one which I have to manually delete.

Don’t like this additional admin



Hey Guys,

I have been reading feature requests about deleting rows.

I, honestly, think this is something the Glide Time may not act on. The reason being that if they give us this kind of action it would not be a way for them to force the Pro Plan. Remember one of the options for the Pro Plan is to offer more than 500 row.If we can delete rows from a Glide App Action, that makes next to impossible to force a Pro Plan.

Just thinking!

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True, but there’s always the ‘delete’ option in the edit screen, and if your sheet doesn’t use a row ID, then you can always use clear value

The ability to delete rows from your app does not threaten our business.


Cool! I stand corrected.


Thank the heavens!!!