Action Delete Row

I want to know when we will be able to erase a complete Row.
I am using the RowID for all my tables and it is not possible to Clear the value with the setColumns Action.

I don’t think it’s gonna be available soon, if you’re talking about Google Sheets. It’s a Google API limitation if I recall right, when Glide tells them to delete a row, it actually only clears that row.

Hello @ThinhDinh
No I use only Glide tables

Then I would agree that they need to find a way to delete the row as well, I would expect them to handle that “natively” since it does not rely on Google API. I discussed this in another thread like 2 weeks ago.

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In Staging we could delete the Row included RowID but clear Row ID was deleted in production!


@Manu.n I’ve already used this little trick and it works very well :point_down: :grin:

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Thank you @Lucas_Pires
It was a solution that I had considered but did not adopt for practical reasons.
But I do not despair of having an Action Delete Row because this function already exists (in the Edit form) so it will be soon I hope.

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Yes, but it’s a 2-steps-action

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Of course. But logically, now that the Glide team is able to come up with a SetColumns action, the steps are easier.
But hey, it’s easier said than done.

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