ACTION > Remove row


Would be ok to have a remove row action.
Now, set colum> Clear values doesn t allow to clear Row Id

When using the edit (pencil) and then delete, it deletes all values in the row, but leaves blank spaces in the Google sheet. So the action deletes the row but does not remove it.



There must be something like a restriction that triggers can only clear the value, it’s the same for Zapier. I have to create an additional script to handle this.


Yes, this is what Google Sheets API does when we ask it to delete a row.


Hello @David
But is it possible to still have a Delete action even if there is an empty row in Google Sheet?
I want to set up a cancellation for certain items.

A word of advice for others that might read this and decide to give it a try.
If you are going to write a script to delete empty rows in a sheet, be sure to start at the bottom of the sheet and work your way up. Otherwise your results may not be what you expect :wink:


I feel like we got a little off track here. I think what @Gerard_Fernandez is saying is that there is no way to clear a row id column. You can clear every other column but the row id. Because of that Glide would still see it as a populated row instead of ignoring it, like it does with completely empty row. Because of that I think he is suggesting a delete action that works like the delete button in edit mode. Blank row or not, there should be a way to remove the entire contents of the row.


I covered this a few days ago. Was really exited thinking had a plus minus solution and while carrying out some tests I saw how row ID was not THE but A devil in the detail. I was close to making some changes to an app of mine, but abandoned the effort when I realised:

  1. Even WITHOUT row ID, the effect was the same. So not having a Row ID, made little or no difference. I guess “clear” was chosen after much careful thinking.

  2. My tests also revealed that unless the app was refreshed, the chances of the cleared row, not cell values,reappearing as an empty row on your tab was high. I had to refresh the app to get rid of the mirror effect, perhaps to be expected of a cleared, not deleted, row. Sometimes, this is also down to internet speed.

One positive.

It’s GREAT for a thousand other things.