Delete row action clearing instead of deleting?


Using google sheet as a data source. I have a custom action with delete row as an action. When triggered the rows in the sheets are cleared but not deleted. The result is blank rows in google sheet in between rows of data. Is this expected behaviour?

There is a protected column in this sheet - don’t know if this interacts as I haven’t had a chance to test but may be relevant

Thanks for any insight :smiley:

This is how Google Sheets API defines deleting a row – it clears the row.


If the blank rows are an issue, then the solution is to use something external - Integromat/Zapier/Apps Script - to periodically clean them up.


Thanks both of you. I’ll probably do what was suggested and schedule a trash collector of some type or modify the action to let integromat know to delete that row. :+1:t3:

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