Whole datasheet deletion

My connected Google sheet is periodically deleting itself without any delete all columns action. Any suggestions of why they are all getting deleted?

The google sheet itself is deleting, or just the data inside of it?

Not the data inside it all the rows. I will have 50 rows up then i’ll look at it in the morning and there will be 0 rows.

Well the rows are the data. Just to be clear, the entire worksheet doesn’t disappear, unlink from Glide, and get deleted in your Google Drive. What you are saying is that only the data (rows) are being deleted inside the table? Your initial comment makes it sound like the entire worksheet disappeared from your Google Drive.

If it’s just data disappearing, does the history in the google sheet offer any clues? Do you possibly have a Delete Row action that uses a relation anywhere?

I found the issue, when the Google sheet is empty and has no data it will just delete the blank ones. I just make a numbered list and this fixes it.

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