Unable to Delete Data from Glide, though not Showing in Sheet

I was testing my app with some data. After the app was completed, some of data earlier could not be removed. It is only showing in the Data option in Glide, but not in the linked Google Sheets. These phantom data shows up in my app and the delete option is disabled! I tried deleting from the Data in glide directly, but it keeps popping back out.

Anyone faced this issue? TIA.



These are the data in Google Sheets, I can’t see those incomplete data anywhere.

The delete option is disabled, and I can’t delete them from the Data option in Glide.

This may be related. Seems like a bug. @Mark @Jason ?:

I’m having the exact same issue – when the user enters data it seems to create duplicate rows in the Glide data editor though my google sheet only shows a single row.

This doesn’t happen for all type of entries – just those that have significant computation in my google sheet. I don’t have a row ID – wondering if adding that might resolve duplicates.

UPDATE: I was able to resolve this issue by deleting an empty row in Google sheets … that seems to have forced a sync. Suspect this might recur.

There’s a bug where adding a row can lead to it not being deletable. We’ll ship a fix soon. Apologies for the inconvenience.


Thanks for the reply! It was almost driving me crazy… hahah!

I think I managed to find a quick and easy way to resolve this. Just duplicate the project and the data will be ported over without any of the phantom data! @Mark

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Hmm… but upon testing on the new duplicate project, the error came back.


Yeah, same for me.

Yes this is the same issue I’ve experienced.

Thanks @Jeff_Hager for connecting me to this topic and thanks @Mark for giving the update about the fix.

Is there a way to subscribe to a changelog? (sorry if this is a well spread n00b question)

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Mark - thanks for solving this!

Thanks Mark. Waiting on the fix.

How do you delete a row in Glide Sheets?

I don’t think there is a way do delete a whole row through the glide data editor. You can either do it in the Google sheet itself, or enable editing and deleting in the app to delete the row with the delete button.

im using the glide sheet and i wanted to remove test Data

Does deleting not working like with Google Sheets?

For now, in Glide Tables, you can only add or delete rows as a user, within an app, connected to a Glide Table.

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Yes David, thanks for confirming, I should have made it clearer that I was prompting @Community_Fridge to use the delete function in Glide.

I see a checkbox at the start of each row though, hopefully that will be the way we can delete rows inside GDE in the future.