Deleting a Row in glide sheets

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I am trying an app with Glide sheets only (no Google sheets). I am having difficulty deleting a row in a glide sheet. It sound trivial but can you help me?
I have noticed in the tutorials that people are using Google sheets to create apps. I thought of trying Glide sheets fully (may be a good idea for the future) to build my app and see if this works. Things look OK. Do you think using Google sheets creates more stability and less errors?

To delete rows in a glide table, you can either use a delete action on a component, or select the checkbox in the glide data editor to select the row and then hit the delete button on the keyboard.

Google sheets creates more lag and an additional path for data to travel and sync. It doesn’t necessarily create stability or error issues. The app is still communicatiing with glide servers and Glide’s database copy of your to Google sheet. It’s a good idea to at least build an app that’s connected to a google sheet, even if you don’t need to and only use glide tables. Then you at least have the option to use it in the future if there is some feature that can only be accomplished in a google sheet. My primary app is all sheet based, but it was built prior to glide tables and a glide data editor ever existing. Most new apps I build using glide tables whenever possible, but usually I’ll at least have it attached to a google sheet.


Thanks a lot Jeff! I tried the checkbox row deletion and it worked. I was wondering (and sorry for my lack of expertise) why would someone add a delete action on a component? What I was trying to do is get rid of the log in row(s) that were added into my glide editor (since I have a limited number of rows even though big). Why are the log in rows added to the glide sheet and should I always attempt to delete them regularly? I noticed that a google sheet would add these in a separate sheet and not in the main user sheet.
Thanks again for your help!

Just like we have an add row, or edit action, we also have a delete row action. Sometimes you just need to delete a row through the app. :wink:

If you are using the user profile feature in your app, the the user rows are important to it’s function. Deleting the row may cause issues down the road if you later need them… especially for existing users. If you have no need for the user profile rows, then you can just turn off that feature and it won’t create a new row for each user. Just keep in mind that glide has internal tracking of users as well that you don’t see. If a user is new, it will create a row for that user in the user profile table. If an existing user signed in, it will not create a new row because glide knows it’s an existing user. If you delete the rows manually, it might be hard to get them back unless you delete the internal user data for each individual user.


Very helpful Jeff! I noticed that user profile is locked in the menu zone and can not be changed; how do you change any feature there? Is it safe any way to manipulate user profile features?

Yes, it’s locked in there and has always been like that. You can add components on that screen and add actions anywhere in your app to navigate people to that screen though.

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Thanks a lot!
That was helpful.