Glide Sheet Queries

Apologies if I’m late to the party:

  1. How do you delete a Glide Sheet?
  2. How do you delete one or more rows from a Glide Sheet?
  3. How do you create an app with all Glide Sheets and no Google Sheets?
  4. Trying to delete a column from a Glide Sheet sometimes has no effect (it just stays put)

Tks all

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  1. Unlink table from app



@Mark can you answer 2, 3 and 4?

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You can only do so using the delete button inside the app.

I think they still need a Sheets to write Logins and Comments etc.

Not happened with me so far.

  1. You can’t right now. We’re working on a dashboard where you can manage all your Glide Tables.
  2. You can only do this via an app. We’ll implement it in the Data Editor, too.
  3. You can’t do that yet.
  4. Can you point me to an app where you deleted a row but it’s still in there?

Thanks @Mark

Re: 4 - It wasn’t a row, it was a column in the data editor. I kept deleting it but it never went.

It’s the Date column in the Sessions Glide Sheet in the MCB Test Bench app.

@V88 Can you please give me a link to the app?

Hey @Mark, I have created a “User” table for my logins using the Glide Tables. But from a phone perspective it logs me out as soon as I’m logged in.

I am thinking that’s why since it’s not in a Google Sheet. Thoughts? Thanks!

@Mark, re no. 2, any ideas on the time-frame?

Currently, I am able to add data into any one column of a row and then directly input data via the Editor into the rest of the empty column cells of that same row.

@Daniel_Canup Could you share that app with me, please?

Of course how would you like for me to do so? Just the link?

@Mark Did you get it? Or is that what you needed?

Sorry, I haven’t had time to look at it yet.

Okay, thank-you.

@V88 It should be fixed in that app now, but I’m not sure how it ended up that way in the first place. Has this happened to you in other apps, too?

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@Daniel_Canup Would you mind adding me to your app’s user list please?

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Done :slight_smile:

Only once as I can recall @Mark. Can’t really tell you the circumstances. But I will try to repeat and let you know if successful. Thanks for your time.