Deleting rows from a Glide Sheet causes issues

Continuing the discussion from Glide Sheet Queries:

Can you still not effectively delete a row from a Glide sheet within the data editor? These are the issues I’m experiencing in my Glide sheet which holds my user profiles:

  • If I delete a row in the Glide sheet (marking the checkbox to the left of the row and hitting delete) it does appear to delete the row (while annoyingly also switching screens back to the layout view each time)

  • Deleted rows are gone from view but are somehow still being stored. Ex. if I log into the app using a profile that was deleted, the app does NOT treat me as a new user and does not record a new line to the user profiles Glide sheet. Also experiencing an issue where logging into the app using an email I deleted from the Glide sheet can result in the app loading to a blank white screen. Only way around this is to manually create a new row in the Glide sheet listing that email as a user.

  • Whenever I make a duplicate of my app the current row count jumps up by about 30 rows. My theory is these 30 “phantom” rows are the ones I deleted from the Glide sheet - something about the app duplication process causes Glide to acknowledge them (???)

Users who log into my app don’t have visible profiles - so if it’s still the case that Glide sheet rows can only be truly deleted from within the app, how would I do this? I tried making an Admin screen where only I could see all users and manage them, but it seems that even I’m not allowed to view a list of my users within the app due to my - perhaps unnecessary but I don’t quite fully understand it - use of Row Owners. When I set up an Admin tab with an inline list of the user profiles sheet I was only able to view my own listing.