Deleting a column from Glide table / Google Sheet

Hey Glide SMEs,

How does one go about deleting a column from glide table / google sheet? We have a glide table that’s been imported from and keeps in sync with a Google sheet.

We would like to delete a column from the Glide table. But right-clicking the column header… or selecting the entire column doesn’t allow us to delete it.

Thanks for any pointers or tips.

If you are using a google sheet, then basic columns can only be deleted from the sheet itself. You can’t delete basic columns within the Glide data editor when using external data sources. However, that is not the case with Glide Tables. In that case, you can also delete columns from the data editor.

To delete a column (if it’s an option), you open the sub-menu on the column heading and select ‘Delete’.


Thanks for that guidance Jeff. Appreciate it.

So were you able to delete it?

If that table is connected to a Google Sheet, you will probably find that you have a series of columns in that sheet named as “generated_best_user_tips_1”, “generated_best_user_tips_2”, “generated_best_user_tips_3”, etc. When Glide sees columns named in that way in a Google Sheet, it converts them to an array and displays them as a single column.

To remove the column from the Glide table, you would need to delete each of those columns from your Google Sheet.