Delete choice in Glide table within app

My ‘choices’ are in a Glide table. I want to be able to modify this list (add/delete) from (1) tab within the app. Is this possible?

Example: Glide Table, I want to remove both entries, ‘La Habra’ and also add numbers to ‘Grupo’ column from a ‘Edit Choices’ tab in the app.

Screenshot 2020-12-31 135839

You should be able to add text within the glide table. If you want to remove the entire cell you do that within Google Sheets.

Yes, just display your choices in a list, enable Add, Edit, and Delete.

@Jen_NYCP thank you, data only exists in glide table and I want to have users edit via app

makes sense, I don’t know what I am missing, but all data is row wise, see below, city is paired with group number

how to add, edit, delete on each column?

To delete the number column, make a number entry, and delete its content.

This might be useful.

@david @Jeff_Hager Thank you for your help and time. I know this fundamental, once I’ve figured it out I’ll come back and post as solved.

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Hi @Jeff_Hager , after review of documentation and testing I still cannot figure out how to delete only column values without deleting row values. The documentation shows how to edit,delete,add row-wise, which is easy enough to implement.

EXAMPLE: I want to edit values in orange column, i.e., remove both ‘La Habra’ entries without deleting the values in the adjacent columns, blue column.

When I delete the first ‘La Habra’ the entire row is deleted, but I want keep the rest of the row values, blue box.

How are you “deleting the value”? Couldn’t you just use a Set Columns action to clear only that column value?

I want to modify values in an ‘admin tab’ to edits choices in a Choices Glide table. The Choices table values are used in a Form Choice Pickers component.

As there are different records of the same Sheet I would say the only way is to go into each of the records’ view and clear that exact column in a text entry.

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